Getting started is easy.

Getting started in the world of real estate investment with Golden Z holdings is simple. It is only six steps start to finish, and we are here to help you through the whole process.

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Investment Steps


Information Gathering

Learn all you can about the investment you are interested in. This may include visiting the investment page, making calls to our investment team, and speaking with your financial advisor.


Setup Portal Account

If you have enough information, you will need to setup an account on our investment portal. From the portal you will be able to make a pledge for the amount you wish to invest.


Provide Accreditation

Once you have an account setup, we will need proof that you are an accredited investor. You can get a letter of accreditation from you accountant or a third party accreditation service.


Complete Account

After your accreditation has been approved, your portal will have additional information to fill out. This will include your bank account information for distribution.


Document Signing

A contract will be created laying out the terms of the investment that will require your signature.


Wire Funds

The final step will be to wire your investment to the account specified in the contact documents.

Life of investment

Through the life of the investment we will provide quarterly reports and distributions (as dictated by the investment).



Need more information?

We are always happy to answer any questions about our business and investing in the Los Angeles market.

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