We create significant returns for our investors

Our internal investor rates of return have ranged from 12 to 50 percent.

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Golden Z Holdings, formerly Golden Bee Investments, is a real estate investment firm that lets you unlock the benefits of flipping homes or owning rental properties, without the drawbacks. You can invest directly in a portfolio of properties that generate consistent quarterly cash flow and upside potential.

With increasing institutional investment in real estate, portfolios need to consider the benefits of proper real estate investing.  Golden Bee Investments takes into account the idiosyncratic behavior of local real estate markets as well as the characteristics of specific properties to strategically invest for its investment pools and syndicates.

Through our single purpose assets and pooled funds we have created significant returns for our investors.  In just the past five years we have produced over 10 million dollars in profit for our investors. Our internal investor rates of return have ranged for 12 to 50 percent.

We specialize in risk adjustment modeling to ensure our investors are receiving the most profit possible, with the least amount of risk.

We focus on acquiring Class C assets in workforce neighborhoods with a substantial value add component.  By doing so, we ensure that we are investing in areas with upward growth potential, limiting downside risk.

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We purchase properties that are typically in need of repositioning and have created a successful formula for substantiating value where others may not see it.

Amazing Team

We maximize our budgets by using in-house maintenance and contracting crews.


We can cut costs and save time on our projects due to our premier purchasing power with the big construction merchandisers.


Our dedicated team handles every investor as part of the family.

Available Opportunities

CLOSED: Woodly 34

Woodley 34 is an investment opportunity located in the Lake Balboa area of the San Fernando Valley.

GZ Portfolio V

This portfolio consists of 56 units, within four buildings, all within the South Los Angels/Hawthorn submarket.

GZ Development Fund

This is an always open revolving Fund that is used to purchase and rehab projects in the Los Angeles Metro area.